About Anna

Anna Cribb

Hi – I present the Enjoy It Facebook interviews and vlogs,

I first got in front of the camera for Enjoy with the lovely Ken Hom back in 2016 and Zoe and I have been on a roll ever since!

Enjoy It allows me to review some stunning places, it’s a split between those that are family related and those that are dining, wining, staying and talking, (it has to be said I do love a chat!).

Our Facebook Lives are so much fun – whether they are planned or off the cuff when we spot an opportunity, they are always entertaining, off-piste and wow do we have a few surprises lined up for you in 2019!

Zoe and I get many wonderful offers of interviews and reviews – we choose the ones that we know will be fun and interesting, and when we have fun we know that comes across really well to you…

And we get some exclusive prizes for our Enjoy It competitions – take a look at the Winning forum, and hopefully I’ll see you at one or other of our prize reviews or experiences soon.

Get in touch with me through our socials or here, there is also an Enjoy It app on the horizon too so your thoughts and ideas on that would be really appreciated.

Thank you for reading and watching – I hope you Enjoy It as much as I do?


Anna is also owner and presenter of Hey Mummy parenting site.