Angela Hartnett’s Polenta Agnolotti

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To make the pasta
200g pasta flour
9 egg yolks (free range, organic are best)
• Tip flour onto your work surface, making a well in the centre
• Add your eggs to the well
• Pop the yolks and begin to gently incorporate the flour from the outside edges into the middle
• Bring the flour and eggs together until it starts to form a loose dough
• Combine enough of the flour so that your dough holds itself and is not dry and crumbly or soft and wet
• Your dough should be firm to the squeeze with a slight tackiness and good elasticity
Roll out the dough onto a large sheet. Remember, the amount of flour required will depend on the size of your egg yolks and how well they have been separated from the albumen. The 200g of flour is just a guide amount – you may not need to incorporate it all into your dough.

enjoy-it angela hartnett recipe limewood hotelTo make the polenta mix
300g polenta
300g aged parmesan
2500ml water
100g butter
50ml olive oil
• Bring the water to the boil and then sprinkle in the polenta, cook out for 1 hour then blend with the parmesan, butter and olive oil. Pass and set in fridge in piping bags

To make the agnolotti
Cooked artichoke quarters
Oven dried tomatoes (cherry tomatoes cut in half, seasoned with salt, sugar, thyme and garlic, dried in 90 degrees oven for 90mins)
Chopped truffle
• When chilled pipe a straight line of polenta mix lengthwise on the pasta sheet, leaving enough pasta at the top to fold over the filling


• Fold the pasta top over the filling. Press firmly to seal
• Use a wheeled pasta cutter or a sharp knife to cut the filled tube of pasta away from the rest of the sheet, making sure to keep the sealed strip intact
• Use the tips of your fingers to pinch the tube of pasta into equally-sized sections, creating a seal between pockets of filling. Use the wheeled pasta cutter or a sharp knife to separate the sections. Quickly cut through each, leaning the tube of pasta in the direction you’re cutting. You should be left with small, individual pockets of filled pasta. Place the finished agnolotti in a tray of loose polenta
• Repeat until all of the pasta sheets and filling have been used. At this point the pasta can be cooked right away
• Place the agnolotti into salted boiling water
• Slowly melt butter, add the cooked artichoke hearts, oven dried tomatoes, a few leaves of oregano and the chopped truffle
• Add the cooked pasta and a touch of water to make it into a silky emulsified sauce

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