Brewhouse… and Kitchen?

The Brewhouse and Kitchen is a perfect example of looking at trends, customer needs and a future-proof business plan…

Take a microbrewery, craft ales, group parties, damn fine food and a hands-on experience and you have a top day or night out, and just about every birthday and Christmas present for everyone you know sorted for the foreseeable future!
The menu is matched by recommendations of home-brewed beer throughout, and the menu is even made up of some of the beers – recipes are forthcoming as is the best way to make your favourite tipple!
Enjoy was lucky enough to enrol on a Brewery Experience Day while we did a Facebook Live. It’s basically a seven-hour tutorial (if that’s what learning is about – we can all be scholars!) all about brewing, drinking and eating – in fact it’s just heaven…
Check in early for a brief – meet your co-brewers and enjoy a butty, get into the vats, get humping some grain and obviously keep hydrated thanks to any one of the beers that the Head Brewer has ‘prepared earlier’. There is so much in the process that it is worth leaving it to you to take the plunge (not into the vats as they reach temperatures of up to 80 degrees C) and learn how to make your own beer.
All students leave with a certificate, a 5-litre mini-keg of your favourite beer and some recollection of the day!
Punctuate this with a fabulous menu from wings, tacos, satay, fritters and ‘proper sandwiches’ to Ruby Ale sausages, risotto, burgers, salads and desserts (accompanied by a stout or porter if you are a chocolate fan…) and you’re onto a winner. The food at the Brewhouse that we reviewed in Bournemouth is testament to the Kitchen in its name and is remarkably good!
This is a great day out and obviously open as a not so conventional bar for passing trade, parties, lunch, dinner and a quiet pint.
Check the website for your nearest Brewhouse and Kitchen microbrewery with a mega delivery!

Home Brew – for you!