Dani Garcia – it doesn’t get Better!

Now reader take this advice and don’t have lunch on the Dani Garcia date – this two Michelin-starred chef, and Spanish national hero has turned a tasting menu into a new breed! Fifteen courses plus hor d’oeuvres, pure theatre, choreographed service and a visit into the surgically presented kitchens!
There are too many delicacies to mention, but they include detox gazpacho, grilled caviar with celery root, pil pil and shiso, dough fritter filled with tuna belly stew, roasted hare and aji amarillo.

Each course is brought to the table by a group of waiters who move in sync and disappear from the table without a sound… This is not an experience to rush – make an early reservation, take your time and savour every two-star mouthful!
The open-plan kitchens are a delicacy in themselves – chefs at every corner instinctively creating the masterpieces that Dani has curated. What an absolute treat!

Just do it…