Dinner is my Favourite Time of Day… (at Bill’s)

…the time to get together with friends and family. The famous words of Bill Collinson, founder of Bill’s Restaurant.

Being lucky enough to be invited to Bill’s, Southampton and greeted by the lovely front of house staff, we were excited to delve into their wonderful new Spring Set Dinner Menu. Instantly impressed by the wide range of dishes on offer, we decided to split up and tackle both the herbivorous and carnivorous sides of the menu.

Scanning the drinks list, Bill’s own IPA stood out as a must try, and swiftly established itself as an excellent choice!

Without the chance to work up a hunger, the first of our three courses arrived in true Bill’s style, fresh, colourful and full of flavour. Chicken and sesame dumplings with spicy chutney, transport you to Asia, with a fusion of clean spices and the comfort of an unassuming dumpling.

The Pea and Watercress soup celebrates British spring vegetables and is the perfect way to introduce what Bill’s new Spring menu is about. Being presented in a sauce-pan for one, this steaming bowl of seasonal flavours, accompanied with a slice of perfectly toasted Foccacia, set the bar for the rest of the evening.

Now slightly more round in the tummy, we were ready to polish off whatever delight Bill’s wonderful staff would put in front of us. Without a moment’s hesitation, our plates were whisked away and replaced with two more. Bill’s Vegan Wellington and Pan Fried Chicken with Wild Mushroom were the contenders for the main event, neither triumphed over the other, both were stunningly rich and cooked to perfection.

‘Would you like to take a peek at the dessert menu?’, well, it would almost be rude not too…

Sticking with the theme of indulgence, the decadent Warm Triple Chocolate Brownie and a mountain of Mini Cinnamon Doughnuts made their way to our table, accompanied by a doublet of made-to-order Espresso Martini’s – a necessity to allow movement after this display of gluttony.

Dinner at Bill’s was a delight! From the very moment you walk through the door, you feel at home amongst the eccentric decor and Edison lighting. Bill’s Spring Set Menu is full of wonderful, fresh dishes with a quirky spin, that will leave you satiated as you reluctantly pull yourself away from the warm embrace of overindulgence…

Overindulgence at it’s finest