Lime Wood’s Herb House Spa

This is the way to spend the day!

Lime Wood’s Herb House Spa is, as voted by the Enjoy team and those sparkling folk at Condé Nast Traveller, the best spa in the land!
Picture the scene at Enjoy HQ: ‘It’s time to review the Herb House Spa chaps – anyone up for it?’ – their feet don’t even touch the ground, and that’s a theme that runs through the Herb House Spa Day experience, put your feet up and let the highly trained, talented and charming spa team take the strain!
The spa welcomes guests into its oasis of calm, a juice from Raw & Cured while one of the team chats through your treatments (in one of eight single and two double treatment rooms) for the day. Book a table for lunch to be tempted by the gorgeous Sheila Hume’s ingenious, delicious and ultra healthy menu and contemplate starting the day with a float through of the hydro pool, a length in the lap pool and a bubble or two in the outdoor plunge pool. There is of course a gym on the third floor of the spa – but for the purposes of this review let’s pretend there isn’t! We bagged a real scoop this time in terms of treatments as our very own Anna was the first gorgeous face to have her gorgeous face made more gorgeous by the brand new collection from Sarah Chapman, London’s most sought-after facialist and cosmetic scientist, in the form of the 90-minute Deluxe Stem Cell Collagen Activator Therapy, all in the capable and perfectly manicured hands of the Herb House’s Sarah Chapman specialist, Lilly.The treatment is as close that one can get to cosmetic surgery – sounds a little scary – but never fear this was a treatment that left Anna relaxed, facially rejuvenated and delighted with the results which were instantly apparent. The treatment consisted of enhanced collagen boosting treatment for ageing skin, duo stimulation: micro-needling and Stem Cell Collagen Activator and it is an excellent lifting, repairing and firming treatment supporting skin health and function.
It is the ultimate youth boost, a transformative facial that uses advanced stem cell technology to dramatically lift, smooth, plump and regenerate the skin. Targeting collagen in three ways, through massage, superficial micro-needling and LED light therapy, this treatment maximises the efficacy of Sarah’s Stem Cell Collagen Activator serum for visible lifting, line-smoothing and glow-boosting results.
Herb House’s ‘Curated by Lime Wood’ also stocks Sarah Chapman’s signature skincare line ‘Skinesis’ to ensure that the glow lasts beyond the treatment… of which there are three including Sarah Chapman Skinesis Luxury Bespoke Facial and Skinesis Stem Cell Lactic Power Peel.
Allowing 20 minutes or so for Anna to relax after her treatment – it is time for some of Sheila’s treatments from her quite brilliant menu in Raw & Cured.
The menu, which is 80% raw, is a who’s who of healthy delicacies and we started with a seasonal Rhubarbi – a lemongrass, rhubarb, apple and elderflower juice that was stunning. However, at this stage we have to inform you readers that the wine list is equally as stunning as is a bottle of the English Oak Chinkapin sparkling wine!
A bowl of Sheila’s infamous dehydrated vegetable crisps outside in the beautiful courtyard, to a soundtrack of chopping boards chopping, smoothies smoothing and gentle chat between guests as they enjoy their super-nutritious lunch.
The raw falafel, chickpea balls served with a parsnip rice and savoury cashew cream in round lettuce leaves was just superb, the heat and use of spice just perfect – a new dish on the menu and one that we hope stays.
The green papaya salad with avocado, mango, carrot, red pepper, cucumber and herbs, in a lime and chilli dressing was another Enjoy favourite!
There is so much to be said for Sheila’s creations based on her research into all sorts of diets, including a raw food diet, eating food at its most nutritional.
The menu is seasonal, and Sheila will also concoct anything for guests on request if the ingredients are in the central bar kitchen.
Sheila says: “We are conditioned that everything needs to be cooked – things like beetroot, celeriac, butternut squash are all delicious raw!”
Sheila also prepares a Forest Board with charcuterie smoked in the hotel’s own smokehouse.
A day at Lime Wood is more than the sum of its parts! It leaves one relaxed, peaceful, satiated and younger thanks to Sarah Chapman!
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