Unspoilt Brat in Shoreditch

Brat – it certainly isn’t, this 2018 recipient of a Michelin Star, is an exceptionally well-behaved inhabitant of the glam magnet that is Shoredtich. This first-floor restaurant embodies the inspiration of Thomos Parry, an Anglesey native, the Welshman has fire in his belly and front of house! Don’t be fooled, the menu is not Welsh biased, it is Basque open-fire inspired and fish based – taking the lead from the restaurant’s name-sake the flat fish that is Turbot (for those intrinsically proud Welsh readers you can enjoy a flame prepared mutton). There is a smokey air, shared tables, and a long bar – and of course the ingredients, out in the open – chefs cooking on flames, spritzing with infused oils, – it’s hot, hot theatre and tasted out of this world – heavenly in a hellish kind of way… Service is informed, casual and friendly. It has an urgency in it’s pace, although after a couple of sherry’s, and a selection of starters to share things seem more relaxed – Brat is an Enjoy-It favourite – and Shoreditch a fabulous playground.

You Brat!