Save Our Cheese!

The UK is famed for its cheeses, we are incredibly lucky to have so many talented artisan cheese producers putting everything into the quality of cheese that brings home the awards, dinner party results and salaries for many families! Then we lockdown! No one told the cheese – no one told the cows, sheep or goats about this crisis… Only a matter of weeks ago our cheese troopers were supplying restaurants, cafés and pubs, and now are left with cellars full of maturing cheeses, the blue and soft are at immediate risk as they have specific shelf lives of course!

So we here at Enjoy-It HQ have decided to get behind our cheeses to #savetherind! During the rest of the lockdown, we will become The Big Cheese and selflessly promote these delicious businesses that have thought on their feet, that have nimbly moved into delivery to avoid the unimaginable, let’s face it – life without artisan cheese – is no life at all is it…

So we are encouraging you to buy online – send a cheese parcel to a friend – find the Isolation Hampers and get spending with our cheesy friends.

We will be reviewing some of the best in the land from England, Wales, the Isle of Wight, Ireland & Scotland – keep an eye on this feature for updates, images, unwraps and some serious cheese-loving!

Respect to you cheesemakers – we’ve got your rind!

Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company

The Welsh Cheese Company

Caws Cenarth Cheese

Pant Mawr Cheeses

The Isle of Wight Cheese Company