Book & Baaaa-cket Sheep’s Cheese Selection

The Book and Bucket Cheese company is based in central Dorset and creates artisan cheeses that will make you melt from inside – rather like its very own Shakespear, Brie-like creamy, soft, spreadable sheep’s cheese! We reviewed their full sheep’s cheese selection – all with literary name-sakes! All the cheese is handmade from local sheep and cow milk. With a trophy shelf as long as their refrigerated one, the accolades speak volumes – but the cheese shouts louder!

Big cheese Peter Morgan has expanded from small-batch orders for restaurants and shows to him spreading (on crackers, baguette, and salads amongst others) his cheese to a wider audience across the South West!

The Book and Bucket brand maturing from the advice he received in the early days “read and book and keep at the ‘bucket science’ until you get it right! He’s done that alright… the Orwell is either plain, topped with edible flowers or pink peppercorn, a delightfully soft and creamy cheese – very subtle (the peppercorns add a lovely nip). The Smokey Burns is smoked over oak chips that have been doused in cider – so smokey, not overwhelming – match this with hearty salads or even sausages, match with the cider note… The Feta-style Austen is simply divine with a basil-infused oil dressing on croutons! The flagship Hardy’s is a Manchego style hard, nutty, and sweet cheese aged for nine months. And the Shakespear of course – this is hand turned and individually salted – a classic Brie style – let it melt and devour!

The company is exciting and the selection of cheeses represents some hard graft, a refined palate. We look forward to seeing these cheeses in delis closer to home and to visiting the cheese head office for sampling, and also we must get our hands on the Book and Bucket Recipe book – take all of the above cheeses and we need no excuses for cooking up a treat with these stunning Dorset cheeses!

Peter see you soon for that tasting… don’t rind if we do!

Cheesey Choice