The Teff-Word!

Teff grain/flour/products were unknown to Enjoy-It HQ before we came across these delights from Tobia, whom some of you may remember from the traditional Ethiopian north London restaurant from the early 2000s?

Teff itself is an indigenous grain gown for over 6000 years in Ethiopia (origins of half the Tobia whole), and a species of Lovegrass – which we feel is appropriate when we consider the commitment and social conscience of Tobia…

Now focused on Teff Flour from grains grown throughout Europe (think carbon footprint), and a number of lip-smacking products that are handmade with love in their London kitchens, family-run Tobia is an ambassador of nutrition, quality, honesty with minimal environmental impact.

As particularly sporty types (running, swiming & Ultras) here we were particularly attracted to the Teff Meksess snack bars, we tried the organic dark chocolate swirl and organic agave and cinnamon. Both with the granular teff consistency – distinct flavours showing through the chocolate swirl of coconut oil and the cinnamon clearly leading the way in the flavour, both around 400 kcals per bar with a great balance of minerals and trace elements.

Teff is exceptionally high in iron content (3 times more per gram than spinach – while Popey is envious, we, as keen runners, are blown away by that fact) and it has 17 times more calcium than any other grain! It is rich in vitamin B, and the beauty of Teff is that it does not contain any sugar or gluten and the flour is now available on prescription for celiacs! As with all of the Tobia products the snack bars are desired by vegans.

As if not satisfied after a workout with the snack bars we indulged in the bread (organic linseed brown and white) for several breakfasts… this is a game-changer. The loaves are deceivingly dense, and 500g a pop. With linseed sprinkled on the beautiful crust and once sliced this bread is dreamy, moist and firm!

We also toasted – a great bite to the crust and we enjoyed with butter, we enjoyed with cheese, we enjoyed with tofu and with home laid free-range eggs.

We are smitten with Tobia’s products, we love how the nutritional element fits so well with its overall taste and appeal (as so many ‘good for you’ products are not good on the taste buds…) and we love the continued commitment to spreading the ‘Teff-word’ and the benefits of this superfood!

We are hooked on the bread, and we have a supply of beautiful extra virgin olive oil here at Enjoy-It HQ and are quietly hoping that our friends at Tobia will smile generously on us and let us try the plain white and brown drizzled generously although we are convinced that the Organic Linseed Brown Loaf will take some beating! Watch this space for a recipe or two for the Teff flour – one way or another we will keep the Teff momentum going…

A great way to cook at home in these changing times, when many of us are exercising, baking and ordering online for the first time perhaps, and also the wonderful Tobia is also offering 30% off for our NHS heroes! We applaud you all!

Tobia Teff Delights