Tobia Teff, Super Super Food!

There’s never been a better time to pay attention to your diet – and not only in a weight loss way – in a nutritional, and of course delicious way!

Our dear friends at Tobia Teff – with the delightful and hands-on Sophie at the wheel – well granary actually – are serving up pure gold during Lockdown, as demand has been immense! We came across Sophie’s delights a year ago (and that is 5,999 years after the first evidence of this superfood being used in cooking in Ethiopia!) in the form of the stunning Tobia Teff Bread. With more than a nod to this, Sophie makes and bakes the most incredible bread, flakes, organic gluten-free Meksess snack bars and Teff Enjera (fabulous fermented flatbreads).

In other selfless gestures, you can use any one of the recipes on her web site for inspiring the use of the Enjera for pizza bases, chips and her flour and flakes for muffins, porridge and puddings!

We love the bread, we Enjoy-It at breakfast with eggs, the porridge with fresh fruits and also at dinner with some local cheeses… plus the snack bars (vegan and vegetarian choices) are a pure boost after one of our wonderful open water swims!

Get all 8 of your amino acids through the teff grain and calcium content of 17 times more than any other grain! Plus it’s rich in vitamin B and is gluten-free!

We love these products – order online and fit in with Sophie’s baking schedule – the bread is successfully frozen at home, so we never run out…

Include this in your diet, Tobia Teff – boost your immune system and treat your body and taste buds! Tobia Teff – it’s got the power…

One other asset we hear of this versatile super-grain is its ability to contribute to home-brew – come on Sophie there’s got to be some mileage in that!

Super Food for you