Cheddar Gorge Cheese… Your Own!

The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company has become a dear Enjoy-It friend through the finest of Cheddar cheeses in the land and through their vision in terms of their handling of the lockdown, their love of their cheese and the fun, delicious and creative promotion of the same!

They are agile, supplying restaurants and retail up until L-day back in March, where they had to shut down their production, shop and visitors’ centre… Not to be outwitted by a pandemic, rather like the little piggy, they went straight to market – with their brilliantly designed ‘Isolation Bundles’ which I reviewed with delight a few months ago.

Latterly, we were introduced to the new ‘Cheese Your Own’, you will find an Insta Live and Highlight here.

The Cheese Your Own bundle are another ingenious ‘delivered to your door’ proposition that either comprises of three inimitable cheddars and three highly dangerous boxes of the 37% cheese straws (no one at Enjoy HQ to date has been able to resist eating a whole box of straws in one go – just saying!). Or six of their inimitable Cheddar Cheeses – you decide – or order both!

We have a ‘Bundle One’ – the cheeses we choose on this occasion are: Vintage Cheddar – 24 months of maturing and this is big and mighty STRONG, it is all consuming and we love it!

A favourite that we insisted on having again was the Oak Smoked – we love the notion that this cheese has bee smoked over old whisky barrels for 18 hours and the smoky notes are deep and very, very moreish! We also tried the Extra Mature Cheddar, this is a people pleaser, softer, crumblier and creamier than the other two.

In all these three cover most cheesemeisters’ tastes and occasions, lunch with a vino, a cheese board before or after dinner with a cheeky inch of something stronger and the cheese straws – well open the box and stand back!

We love the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company and our building relationship with the biggest cheese of all Katherine, we look forward to meeting in person now that production is back on a roll, the shop is in full swing and one can visit the production facility by appointment – what fun!

Where would we be without Cheddar Cheese – how lucky are we that we have such market leaders, committed to new ideas, new ways of meeting the market and dining table – keep up the good work! And see you soon Katherine and team!

Cheese Your Own!