Holiday Inn – LHR T6!

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It’s always a welcome we love – the Holiday Inn on the M4 – the first step of a great trip, domestic or international out of London Heathrow.
The landmark hotel that sits proudly on junction 4 has become more Holiday Gin than Holiday Inn by opening the new ‘Gin Parlour at T6’. Don’t be confused by the reference to T6, you haven’t missed the biggest development in air travel this decade – T6 is the branding that is the biggest development in the hotel’s food and drinks proposition!
In T6, guests can not only enjoy the new signature Gin Parlour featuring a thoughtful selection of gins from the best distilleries around the world, all served in copa goblets with a range of Fever Tree Tonics, but also a modern European menu and English craft beers.
The new venue provides banquette seating for casual drinking and dining at the front of the restaurant, and a large flat-screen TV at the back for those who want to keep up with the world’s sporting highlights. This is a hip bar and restaurant with a fabulous menu to match the gin concept.
Enjoy baked camembert, nachos, duck spring rolls, West Country Casterbridge rump steak, burgers, pizzas and satisfying desserts!
General Manager Paul Duggan commented on the unveiling of T6: “We are delighted to welcome guests to enjoy a fantastic drinking, dining and entertaining space both pre and post their journeys abroad, be it for business or pleasure there is something to suit everyone in T6.”

Holiday Gin