Mai Tai Cocktail Bar

Shake it up!

This is a multi-award-winning cocktail bar, famous for its customer service and creative and often surprising cocktails.
Established in 2007 by owner Andy Coleman, Mai Tai has grown to be recognised nationally and internationally for its bartending mixologists, winning UK and European bartender awards and reaching the finals of World Bartender of the Year. Andy himself was recognised in 2010, as one of the leading mixologists of the decade at the London Cocktail Summit.
If you are heading to Mai Tai, be sure to book yourself a table in advance, waiting lists can be weeks in advance and queues outside are long on your night out. Thanks to the dedicated bookings’ team, you’ll be in good hands planning the perfect night – there are stories of past groups arriving to glittering tables, personalised bottles, and surprise drink receptions for birthday bookings!
When to visit – Mai Tai is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm each night. Thursdays and Sundays are chilled cocktail evenings perfect for relaxing in the Tanqueray Garden, Fridays and Saturdays – that’s when you really need a table!
The Enjoy team is a regular at Mai Tai. Table service, dancing, stunning cocktails and just a fine, fun night out – book ahead and impress your date or party. We all love to bypass that queue – no cameras please!

Shaken not stirred!