Yonder Find Fruit, Forage & Ferment!

It’s got to be said that we love a pint at Enjoy-It HQ, and love it even more when it comes from our neighbours, the genius, Yonder Brewing & Blending in Wells. The romance in the brewery and unique ingredients come from Somerset’s Mendip Hills. And they keep them coming – adding to their already well-stocked cellar of five beers we introduce the limited edition Flying Wonder and Who is Nellie?

Seven is the lucky number, and the previous five beers include our current favourite Raspberry Gose – and who wouldn’t love a beer that has 170g of the best of British Raspberries per litre? And at 4% abv that’s a sweet proposition, in more ways than one!

The USP in the abv is obvs the emphasis on foraged local ingredients, there’s no following in the rather predictable Antipodean or American recipes that we are all familiar with – no, no the Yonder boys look closer to home and forage on their doorstep.

Flying Wonder is a siason style beer (pale, carbonated and fruity) is brewed with sea buckthorn berries that are foraged on the coast in nearby Weston-Super-Mare, at 4.9% abv this is tart and tasty, inspired by the Greek mythology of Pegasus, the white-winged horse – legend had it that he would graze on sea buckthorn berries and that it was these bright, tart little fruits that enabled him to fly around ancient Greece and Mount Olympus, hopefully in a straight line!

Who is Nellie? Is a 7% abv full-bodied, triple-fruited melba sour beer. That’s a mouthful for sure of apricot, peach, raspberry and vanilla. It is peachy in colour and both vegan and lactose-free!

It seems these boys (bosses Jasper Tupman and Stuart Winstone) think of everything, they consider their environment, taste, local sustainability and their customers! Each lager, bitter and wild ale has its own very unique assets and story!

Established in 2018 the investment in terms of time and passion shows in these beers… Our advice is to go online and order the full stable from this modern farmhouse brewery, we had great fun, selflessly sampling the lot and now always have a stash of these beers at HQ – the seasonal aspect is well thought through and who doesn’t love a pint, any time of year!

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