Miguel Issa’s Kaleidoscope of Colour


Miguel is a wonderful human. Anyone meeting him for the first time will feel his energy, it is enchanting and captivating and these palpable assets have been firmly transferred into his collection of luxury home furnishings and accessories.

Born in Patagonia, Miguel demonstrated more than a nudge towards his parentage of spirituality and art with his father working within architecture, design and antiques in a family life of travel and adventure, as was the way in the 70s.

This upbringing sent Miguel on a journey through an education of illustration, painting and visual art with a backdrop of island life – from Ibiza to Tenerife, putting his hand to art in many forms – from body painting to exhibitions, interior photography and setting up a graphic design studio.

In 2006 Miguel explored the impact and beauty of the Mandala – a symmetrical image that is revered by many, including Buddhists and Hindus, as a representation of the universe and cyclical life. As Miguel explored the Mandala he became interested in the impact of its shape, colour and effect on mental wellbeing, particularly when personalised by way of birth sign and age. This had an incredible influence on the work he does today after he experienced first hand the benefits of Mandalas on clients with conditions such as brain damage, depression and anxiety.

It is staggering to think that Miguel was at the cutting edge of these therapies when over a decade ago it was very much viewed through sceptical eyes.

In 2017 Miguel moved to England to be closer to his wife’s family where he designed and produced his very first collection of stylish home accessories such as coasters, tea towels, tote bags, cushions and greetings cards.

Appropriately branding his collection Mandalas Botanica, Miguel has presented an inspired selection of colourful designs to market that has been met with eager enthusiasm from many sectors including interior design, domestic homeowners, homestyle retail and the hospitality sector.

You can explore his collections, of which there are ten, including Fire, Crystals, Earth & Wood and our favourite, Air & Water, that all bring an exclusive look to any environment.

Dress your living areas with coasters and cushions for every mood, bring life to your kitchen with inspiring tea towels – Miguel’s collections are mind lifting, incredible talking points and can elevate neutral areas with just one handpicked set.

If you are like me and you like to share the love – Miguel even has his own collection of greetings cards that reflect his homestyle Mandalas’ designs. Any occasion suits the positive intentions that his high-quality stationery delivers.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a talent to revere, Miguel is an accomplished photographer and mosaic, canvas and lightbox designer. His work can be seen in large and small format around the world and don’t be surprised to see some of his beautiful art making an appearance in a grand design near you soon.

Meanwhile, you too can have these luxurious, spiritual and inspiring designs of your own, as you’ll find these gems of homewares on Miguel’s website, and why not get in touch with him to discuss your desires on his designs? He obliges with humble communications and that in itself is a rewarding experience! You may even elect to commission your own piece on a canvas, cushion, or fine art print – now that’s something very special!

Miguel dispatches his collections internationally and this is just the beginning for Mandalas Botanica – and a journey that those with an eye and a heart will be part of… and that includes you…

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