Murdér Express Part Deux, What a (Lo)comotion!

Having been immersed in a Funicular production before – we eagerly waited for another dark delicious mystery, this time, aboard the Murdér Express! From arrival at Pedley Street Station at the 1937 ticket office we are living the drama!

Welcomed with both superb cocktails and our hosts / characters, we are called for boarding the Murdér Express and pass by the priceless Diamond that is the centre of all the (lo)commotion!

This is such a great way to liven up a dinner date, an evening at the pub or even the theatre as the Murdér Express has it all; drinks, drama and a menu by Masterchef heroine Louisa Ellis and it is a right laugh – it might not fit the bill though if you have romantic notions for the evening as you will inevitably be joined by cast members and embroiled in the slap stick, death toll and mystery of it all! Everyone is a suspect – even you!

The evening is set in a train carriage styled beautifully in the 1930s theme, with a nod to today’s tech as each window is a digital loop of countryside Chateaux and coastal graphics as the train (and script) makes its way through to Murdér!

The food is exceptional – as we have previously had served up by Funicular, so do expect top end restaurant fare, with a palate cleanser of compressed cherry tomato, yuzu, crispy capers and coriander followed by starter of grilled leeks, black garlic ketchup, spiced dukkah, salt and vinegar puffed rice. The whole menu is gluten free with vegetarian options, we enjoyed the main of slow cooked beef shin, broccoli variations, butter potato terrine and Bordelaise sauce and finished with chocolate cremeux, raspberry droplets, chocolate soil, honeycomb, and crispy mint.

The dining proposition is exceptional, wines and other drinks can be ordered as one progresses through the tale of mystery, deception and… murder!

It is a very light-hearted whodunnit with guests being up close and personal with the cast – I shan’t let the cat (or dog) out of the bag – but as much to say that if you fancy a night of entertainment with great dining, and something very different this is a must.

The team at Funicular make a really memorable night out at a reasonable price and it is great fun – but then again everything coming out of Pedley Street is great fun!

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