It’s the Super Cool Super Monkey E-Bike

Synchgo – read that name and lodge it firmly front of mind, as this is the genius behind the ultra-cool Super Monkey e-bike that is taking the UK by storm. Having said that Chamonix is crying out for it, Zermatt was made for it and Ibiza needs it…

Think back to the 1970s Raleigh Chopper that we all have fond childhood memories of, shake that up with the classic Honda Monkey with the cool of Harley and you have the low riding, long seated, 50 miles on one charge battery-assisted Super Monkey!

It would be fair to say that the Super Monkey is a game-changer, head turner and the ultimate commuter solution! During the lockdown bicycle sales soared, riders from all over the country, and even a couple that are Made in Chelsea, put in orders for both the road-legal 250w and the off-road 750w models in a rainbow of colours.

While pedal-assisted, it makes the hills a synch, has seven regular Shimano RevoShift gears and five-speed battery-assisted power taking the thrust up to around the 16mph mark. Fast enough to need a good pair of sunnies or a visor on your helmet, all that aside it is a great bike to ride without using the battery at all…

At Enjoy-it HQ we are proud to ride the fully loaded 250w in Great White and what haven’t we done on it? We’ve commuted to meetings, we’ve done the Sunday morning 50km with a pizza and a pint thrown in, we’ve cruised the beaches, socialised at a distance and talked about the bike – a lot! Everyone wants to know more about it – it’s eye-catching and just about as much fun as you can have on two wheels!

Truth be told I wasn’t looking for a bike – let alone an e-bike – I have a mountain bike and I have a road bike for triathlons and Ironman, that’s not a self-indulgent statement or indeed name dropping – it is highly relevant as e-bikes get bad press, mostly from those clad in lycra… so it is worth noting that the Super Monkey is an alternative to your bicycle and not a replacement – it is an adventure and vehicle in its own right. I certainly wouldn’t be going on any of the new Super Monkey adventures on either of my other bikes. And, when I cycle for work – I don’t wait in traffic, I don’t struggle to park, I arrive at meetings fresh and socially I go out for adventure rides, I have a pint, I don’t have to pay any taxi fares, I can even give a bunk up (I’m eagerly awaiting the long-wheelbase version of the Super Monkey that has a little more room for a passenger and has footpegs) and I feel safe – the bike is sturdy and it is contagious! Once your mates see the bike they buy one – it’s simple as that! I now have mates on black, green, red and blue Super Monkeys and we all ride together.

When you get a Super Monkey you get more than a stunning e-bike – you get a new lifestyle and become part of the SynchGo family – there’s a real community feel about it and what is so cool about the bike is that it suits literally everyone, no matter size, age, gender, fitness level or pocket… the 250w is just £1599 – another asset that sets it apart from the rest of the busy e-bike market.

The demand for the bikes is infinite as hotels choose them for guest entertainment, coffee shops deliver and adventure outlets take them on Super Safaris!

With tales of other e-bike suppliers and manufacturers having up to six months delivery times, and the news bursting with cycle mania and countrywide public transport veto’s, the Super Monkey makes so much sense – with a build time (they are all hand made in the UK in Enjoy-It’s home county of Dorset) of two weeks and the summer ahead, why resist? This bike makes you smile and let’s face it, right now that’s an asset in itself!

Pick your colour!