Watch Farmer Palmer’s animals from the comfort of your own home!

Furry, fluffy, and feathery fun – that is what the family-run Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park is all about! For over 20 years the Enjoy team has been visiting, reviewing, and adoring the animals in the park along with families from all over the country, that was until lockdown of course!

Closed for five months of the last year, the team got their heads together and decided if the masses can’t come to the farm – the farm will go to the masses!

Much work has gone into designing an ingenious webcam system by the team and Bournemouth Digital; ‘Live on the Farm’ sees areas of the farm in really close proximity, literally up close and personal, families can now log in from their phones, laptops, tablets, and desktop devices and watch the animals play at their leisure!

Watch the tiny chicks, cuddly guinea pigs busy in their village nibbling away and playing together, the rabbits happily hopping around the cameras, and the busy aviary of colourful finches, budgies, and canaries – nesting and playing all live in front of the cameras!

What a wonderful and fully inclusive concept, the kids love it and the live coverage delivers the wonder of having a number of pets – albeit virtually!

Not only does this bring into your home the interest, education, and fun of the animals at rest and play in their individual communities 24hrs a day, it also allows a far wider audience to view the animals. And because of the new restrictions respecting social distancing and limiting visitor numbers at any one time at the farm park, those that want to see the animals prior to their visit – or indeed after – can just log on to the subscription site! It also caters to those families that cannot get to the park and is also being enjoyed in pre and primary schools, waiting rooms, and in some offices (like ours!)

For just £8 a month, or thanks to a limited launch offer of £35 a year, anyone can be in the park virtually 24/7!

It’s such good value and gives the family a fabulous interest at home – Live on the Farm!

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