Poole Accident Repair

When is a repair not just a repair – when it’s a Poole Accident Repair!

A workshop that the proud owners of some of the most valuable vehicles in the land put their trust in to renovate, rebuild and repair the four-wheeled loved ones of their lives!
The approved brand list is a who’s who of prestige and luxury marques; Audi, Bentley, Porsche, Tesla and lifestyle badges such as Volvo.
The latest team to join the heady ranks of the approved manufacturers is BMW and MINI. This is an opportunity for Poole Accident Repair and its highly trained team of 15 technicians to open up its services to a new customer sector, and one that complements the other approved and recommended prestige brands.
The workshops comprise 17,000 sq. ft. of clinically clean space. There’s no dust, no grime, no oily rags or Kylie Minogue calendars in here – just surgically clean tools, workbenches and a feeling of pride and professionalism.
The company which was established in 2004, is still promoting its relatively new facility that opened in 2017, future-proofing the service offered to its clients, which include insurance companies, fanatics, fans, celebrities and entrepreneurs, by catering for the new-look of luxury – composite vehicles, which are lighter, more economical and cannot be repaired in the same space as traditional materials.
Head of business and a man that admits to his obsession with perfection, Leon Coupland said: “Acquiring the BMW and MINI Approval is a real asset to our business and enables BMW and MINI Customers in Poole, Bournemouth and beyond the uncompromising quality, first-class service and peace of mind that this Approval ensures.
“Our technicians receive ongoing training from BMW and MINI, maintaining the highest levels of quality. We only use BMW and MINI approved repair methods, ensuring a safe repair. We will always use genuine BMW and MINI parts and paint. “Furthermore, we will issue you with a BMW or MINI Approved Certificate of repair which guarantees our quality of workmanship for the lifetime of your ownership of the vehicle.”
Visiting Poole Accident Repair is a breathtaking experience, some of the vehicles in the workshops are akin to what one would expect from a collector’s museum – as a visitor a treat, and as a customer – a walk of expectation and trust!
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