Poole Pirates – World eat their Dust!

Where can you go from the top?

Poole Pirates are centre stage at Wimborne Road’s Poole Stadium every week between March and October, and hopes are always high as this team is fronted by the dynamic duo that is Matt Ford and his determination! Matt is team owner and promoter and 2018 was his 20th year on the throttle.
With a trophy cabinet that strains under the weight of the team’s successes (seven-time winners of the British Elite League, five-time Elite League Knockout Cup winners, three-time Elite League Pairs champions and twice National League champions), successes that take every ounce of passion, skill and bravery from not only the riders but from Matt as well. Each year there is a dynamic strategy that must attract sponsors, riders and of course, the crowds and this is in the ever-changing environment of TV support – historically Sky and now BT – this is an area that is vital to the exposure and therefore revenues of all the clubs in the UK, and so each and everyone of them must race harder and smarter. Matt has reinvented the team’s image, invited a modernisation into the club’s look and feel and is capitalising on all things Volvo Cars Poole Pirates – from the track to the merchandise stall…
Further to this, Matt’s eye for a team is idolised from around the world and his talent in this arena has boasted no fewer than three world champions in Mark Loram (2000), Tony Rickardsson (2001, 2002) and, most recently, Australian hero Chris Holder (2012).
Unsurprisingly Poole Pirates compete in British speedway’s top division, the SGB Premiership and invariably lead the way.
So if you want to get into the very top of one of the most high-octane and adrenalin-fuelled sports in the world – Poole Speedway is for you!

See the Dust!