Shhh… the Silent Chauffeur

If the thought of a chauffeur service out of swanky Dorset boroughs such as Sandbanks and Canford Cliffs conjures up Made in Chelsea, less than subtle throaty roars of exhaust… think again.

Think power without the roar, think class without the swank, and think to the future, which we all know is green!
Enter PRESLA, the currently exclusively Tesla driven chauffeur service that has taken the Airport, Ascot, Henley, Twickenham and fine dining fraternity by stealth rather than storm!
Speaking from experience this is the way to travel – it’s sexy, thrilling and if you are in the business of impressing business colleagues, lovers or just enjoy the thought of being in the fastest electric car on the planet – book your next trip with PRESLA.
Established in 2017, the company has quietly built up its customer list – from individuals to large corporates such as JP Morgan and Lush travelling with prestige to planes and parties…
As for the endurance of the vehicles – the Tesla S 90D can do a straight 200-mile trip without a top up – and with the ever-increasing network of Superchargers, your driver can add 100 miles of charge in less time than it takes to order a large gin and tonic, or a latte on those early morning business flights out!
PRESLA is a visionary company – and virtually future-proof. Steve Hook, who took over the running of PRESLA this year, said: “We are always looking to the future – how we can be more than that one step ahead of the competition, we are reliable, flexible, loyal and use a rate card that our customers appreciate.
“The question we are focussed on now is how are we going to scale up the business? The demand is there and as far as territory goes – the whole country is at our fingertips… and of course we are looking at other electric vehicle marques to add to the fleet!”
The cost of the PRESLA service is very competitive as well, take out the fuel cost – add in the cost of these state-of-the-art cars and of course one has to monetise the luxury, and then wonder why you’d travel any other way?
The drivers are discreet, entertaining when necessary; yet stand out in a crowd thanks to their electric green ties partnered by subtle accents in, and on, the cars.
The future of chauffeur-driven travel is bright… and very, very quiet!

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