The Volvo XC90 – Game Changer

We have test driven cousins of the all-new Volvo XC40, the XC60 and the XC90

Both impressive SUVs, but this crossover SUV takes the biscuit, and all of the other vehicles in its marketplace such as the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1.
This is the much awaited little brother of the popular Volvo XC range, and as such this car makes perfect sense to anyone who needs a little more space, and more height than a hatchback, without needing a full size SUV.

We drove the first edition D4 (AWD diesel automatic), on a long road trip and never wanted to come home! Roof open, the 9” infotainment screen – controlling the entertainment and the temperature, the car controlling the semi-autonomous Pilot Assist and the driver doing very little at all on the motorway apart from telling the car where to go, marvelling at the surprisingly quiet engine (when the 13 speakers were muted that is!), enjoying the space, pretty good visibility and the memory heated front seat.

This is a pioneering design for Volvo as the XC40 is the first vehicle to be built on their CMA platform (compact modular architecture), an underpinning structure that will be used in all future models from the Swedish manufacturer, (as discreetly pointed out by a small Swedish flag on the left front wing).
Not so surprisingly one can charge a mobile device wirelessly in the centre console, and control the heating and request location alerts from the car from an App – it makes complete sense!
There is a cunning 360-degree camera that shows the car’s position for parking etc., and it also has ‘oncoming lane mitigation’ – which is a safety feature that steers the car if you are in danger of drifting out of your lane.
It feels sturdy to drive – it means business in a refined way and the driving experience is exciting, not tiring, rewarding yet not over the top – quintessentially Swedish really!
And cutting to the chase – for a crossover SUV in a competitive marketplace the price point is attractive and one gets a mighty lot of Swedish style, safety, space, performance and tech for your krona.
It’s time to drop the marque snobbery and get into Volvo. If you’re already hooked do excuse me, but for families, sporties and those who want the space and height – make sure a test drive in the XC40 is on the agenda.