Thriller Reading – by Proxy!

Read these thrillers and for just that moment in time believe Dillon lives!

Andrew Towning could be mistaken for the hero role that he has penned relentlessly since 2006!
And now celebrating the completion and publishing of his seventh Jake Dillon novel ‘Tide Runner’ Andrew isn’t standing still, always living through the eyes of Dillon and researching new locations, investigating new theories and pre-empting international conspiracies and schemes.
It has been more than once that Towning has written about fictional world issues that have become reality – maybe in the back of the readers’ mind (if not our own) – is Towning really part of GCHQ? We do love a real-life conspiracy theory at Enjoy HQ!
Back to the reality that is the life and killings of Jake Dillon and Tide Runner, back to the territory in which we feel Towning is most thrilling – the Channel Islands and millionaire’s row – the Sandbanks peninsula with an injection of France, Switzerland and romance…
For those of you that are Towning familiar you will be moved by the twists and turns of Tide Runner, and for those of you who need a new author that can sit proudly alongside Flemming, James, Cole and Gerritsen on your Kindle look list or bookshelf, you’re in for a front row of Dillon thrills.
Our advice is to start at the beginning of the series, with ‘The Constantine Legacy’, it’s not essential but why not? You have so much to look forward to…
All of Towning’s books can be downloaded to Kindle and e-reader and the softback series bought from Amazon.

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