Swim Secure’, a brand, a fact and an assurance, all in one

If the pandemic achieved anything positive – it released the wonders and benefits of open water and cold-water swimming to the masses as one of the only permitted sporting activities allowed during lockdown.

And it is no wonder that it was so widely embraced, as one of the benefits of living on an island is that one is only 70 miles from a beach in the most landlocked of locations in Great Britain!

All shapes and sizes took to the nearest lake, canal or beach, to test the water and most of them genuinely liked it and, as you will know either from experience, watching Wim Hoff or indeed by chatting to anyone hooked on this wonderful sport, open water swimming is addictive, and they keep coming back for more!

The priority today of course is as it’s always been – safety whilst swimming, and that includes visibility and buoyancy, then there’s storage and the confidence to enjoy the swim itself!

With all this in mind there is one superb brand that ticks all the boxes above: ‘Swim Secure’, a brand, a fact and an assurance, all in one.

Here at Enjoy, as avid all year-round open water swimmers, we have worked with Swim Secure over the past couple of years and can only swim the praises of their shoal of products, and that is through personal experience, in all conditions.

Let us explain the brilliant products, and all will become clearer, particularly if you have seen schools of orange and pink floats steadily make their way along the coastline, up the river or across a reservoir or lake… those will be swimmers towing their Swim Secure tow floats for sure!

There are a host of swim-related products to choose from, but we will focus on the tow floats for now, all of which are easily inflated by breath. Each model has individual benefits yet with those two vital assets of visibility and buoyancy – one can Swim Secure with straight forward tow floats – as with all the float products simply secured around one’s waist and towed behind the swimmer as they propel forward. There are also dry bags with up to 28l of capacity, donuts (with small integrated dry bag for keys and phones) which are easily opened on the water, wild swimming bags (30l capacity) and tow woggles, ideal for younger swimmers, which provide the added security of performing like a robust noodle in the water for buoyancy on short breaks in the water, and can be towed like a normal float when more confidence is instilled over time.

As an overview, if you are swimming anywhere other than your local pool you really must deploy a tow float to be seen from the shore and the water and to be safe, it is essential for the sport and for the benefit of other recreational water users. Plus, Swim Secure products, they are cool, we love donning our float before a swim it’s become part of the ritual. If you fancy a dip – make sure you’re swimming secure.

Dive In!

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