Caroline Flack

I needed to write this about Caroline Flack:


A 21st century horror story

You seemed to gleam
Behind you a stream
Of love, smiles and sunbeams

I only comment on what I’ve seen
And what I’ve read
From the Island and the Jungle bed

Pop stars, hot stars and social threads
But what was inside your beautiful head?

Empathy and sardust sticks
Each week each week a Caroline fix

Did everything you gave
Erode yourself to this early grave?

And in return for you dear Flack?
What the fuck did you get back

Scrutiny, gutless intimidation
When you really had the heart of a nation…

Short, long, blonde, brunette
No disguise escapes the media net…

Headlines, hearts, dance and votes
But nothing relieves the mental choke

Enchanting, generous, fun and hot…
Most would think you had the lot…

Strictly high or strictly low
What you saw every Saturday
Only you truly know

X-rated and understated
Best friends and prime time
It’s impossible to live through a bi-line…

Lovers, laughter, long nights out
But when it hurt
Why didn’t you shout?

Your honesty was magnetic
Which makes your final vote
…all the more epically tragic

Your hurt was more than you let show
You held it tight until you let go

Never forget who you touched
How deeply or how much…

A generation of fans born of your smile
They all walked alongside you …the Flack mile

So thousands are broken
The CPS, its example – a fatal token

Of how the media and the law
Will never see what your adorers saw…

Darling if only you’d known…
…that media flack, it just means jack…

Caroline we want you back…

By a ‘Kind’ human
Zoe Wilson