Home Design with Spirit and Soul

The impact of the environment is visible in every corner of our lives. When it is a positive impact it is more than refreshing. The beautiful Argentinian-born Miguel Issa, now based in Bournemouth in Dorset with his wife, daughter, and his beloved dog has created a set of homewares that brighten any kitchen, living room and shopping spree!

With retail in mind, let’s start with his glorious Tote Bags, an essential on any excursion and regularly seen in the high street and markets in Dorset. Designed with Miguel’s signature Tibetan mandalas as the hero image printed using water-based inks on durable 100% half Panama cotton top-end Tote Bag, the bags are unmistakable as each has one of Miguel’s own images of flowers, crystals, precious gems or foliage all inspired by nature and her mesmerizing designs! And even with their intricate components they are machine washable and reassuringly made in Britain.

Let’s return from the great outdoors and look inside the homewares of Issa. One of his flagship products is the luxury tea towel, how can one make a tea towel so remarkable – Miguel has the answer, again any one of his captivating images (his own photographs, how many talents can one man have?), there is an image for every mood, interior design and a colour to emblazon the en trend ambient kitchen colour designs of today. Again with nature at the heart of the proposition, the towels are soft and natural of 309gsm cotton with excellent water absorption (practical and pretty!) and from experience we can tell you that even after repeated machine washes they retain their colour and quality over time, essential for kitchen use.

Add a dash of Issa to your home, in coasters, cushions, kitchen and sprees, not only will it add to your own environment, it will catch your eye, be a talking point and it is good for the soul! The mandala has mysterious qualities, Miguel will tell you himself as he is impassioned about his work, it is contagious and we all want to catch it!

Find your soul