It’s Vivid – Like Fire & Music, after all – It’s All About Eve…

It’s all about Eve – well nearly – it’s actually about the classic 50’s drama starring Bette Davis being interpreted for the West End with the lead role through audition (once viewed one presumes that Anderson made it on time…) being awarded to Gillian Anderson, well positioned albeit Anderson’s confidence with her modest age of fifty something somehow betrays the insecurities of Margo Channing… Eve being played by the super-talented and perfectly cast Lily James working her way from fan, obsessive (and plausible) stalker, friend, confidant to assistant… who lives Margo’s star-studded life by proxy.

Other cast members simply adhere the story line, it’s set design is quite brilliant – combining both film and stage – it captures the big screen experience of multi-visual and therefore multiple narrative viewing, but there’s more to this show and it starts at the theatre itself, The Noël Coward Theatre, charming, intimate and at £150 a shot it also welcomes a certain type of guest; there were no cameras, phones, heckles and it seems that £150pp also brings a clean bill of health – as no one even coughed! For a full two hours that is, as this show runs through and is captivating!

Undertones of today’s Hollywood scandal (more than once I drifted to the Time’s Up campaign and Weinstein – more than a nod in this direction from Addison, one of the show’s effective compare’s…)

There are several stand out moments, lines and evenly spread amongst the cast – but none more than Anderson’s and James’ timing and instinct. The show has a feel-good about it and the ‘dark’ narrative perhaps wasn’t dark enough – but the Noël Coward Theatre production has it’s own twists and the final scenes are genius!

Break into the piggy bank – or ask your crush to take you, just hope that you don’t get caught out – because every player, will get played, just ask Eve…

Bumpy Ride