Heaven Scent… Solid Cologne

With men’s pampering booming internationally, our beautifully smelling friends at Solid Cologne have used a waxy tip from the ancient Egyptians and produced a series of evocative fragrances for men, presented in wax to be rubbed directly onto the skin. The six delicious scents evolve as the body’s temperature changes throughout the day, and are so compactly supplied (a Lilliputian 60x30x12mm) they can go anywhere.

Think hand luggage, think on the road, think moisturising and think the best natural ingredients including beeswax, shea butter & jojoba oil.

We love this product along with the beard fragrance, so and come on Solid Cologne – what about the ladies – they’ve got to be next – this cunningly presented parfum can take on both markets we are sure…

But today we have the gent’s fragrance in Magnus; it’s heady, cool, fresh and woody – and yes, fresh it is, as the website says; ‘Whip it out in the office, on the bus or in a crowded club/bar’ – we leave that to your discretion!

Heaven Scent